Cheero Grip 2 5200mAh – Multidevice Portable External Battery Backup Charger

The Cheero Grip 2 5200mAh – Multidevice Portable External Battery Backup Charger is a nice companion accessories to have around if you ever need to charge up your portable devices. Cheero makes a nice little charger that packs in 5200mAh which is enough to charge an iPhone about 2 and half times. This has 5amp 1A output making is more or less suitable for smartphones. Tablets, well you might want to get a higher output level. The Grip 2 is meant for smaller devices like iPods, iPhones and your typical Android device.

Product Specs:

[Capacity] 3.7V 5200mAh, Li-ion battery
[Color] White, Pistachio, Peach, Mulberry
[Input] 5V / 1A Micro USB
[Output] USB1: 5V/1A
[Additional functions] Remaining power indicator ( 4 LED lamps )
[Dimensions] 3.8 × 0.9 × 1.8 inches (99mm×25mm×46mm)
[Body Weight] 0.27 pounds (126g) (4.4 oz)
[Usage Count] Approximately 500 times


My first test I charged up an HTC One M8 to full charge and then my Motorola Photon Q to 100%. The M8 has a 2600mAh battery and the 1785mAh battery. If you do the math there should be a little juice left over from the Grip 2 and indeed there was, but not much to play with. Doing the math again, the Grip 2 has enough power to charge up the M8 twice. iPhone users will have no problem getting two charges out of the Grip 2.

My primary device is a Note 3 so this changes things up quite a bit. I used a USB 3.0 cable to charge up the Note 3 and it took aprox 3.5 hours to get it fully charged. Mind that I was using the Note 3 while charging but was only small tasks like answering calls and messages. After the full charge the Grip 2 had only one bar left.


I like that there is an led indicator light on the front letting me know how much juice is left. There are four lights representing 25% for each light. I would feel like I’d be going at it blindly guessing how much is left on the Grip 2 if there were no lights. Sometimes the simple details like this really counts for something.

The portability is very nice. The kit includes a cable and a pouch. All of which fit nicely in the pouch making it easy to store until needed. The Grip 2 is like a large pill shape that feels nice to hold if you actually need to hold it. It’s not a large battery and will fit in most size purses, bags and even a pocket.

I think this is a nice battery to have ready in a bag of some sort. I actually enjoyed using this as my main charger for my phone. I liek the ability to not have to be connected to a wall for charging. If I need to be on the phone and be connected to a charger, I can simply tote the two devices around. There are plenty of times I am using my laptop while sitting in my recliner which is not next to a wall, located in the middle of my living room. Therefore, when I need to charge my phone and use my laptop in my recliner I need to have something like this Grip 2 available to me.

I’d recommend this product for anyone who needs to charge a small portable device for the on the go needs or if you’d like to have something charged and not be attached to a wall. I’d also like to note that I like the idea of having back up battery sources in the case of an emergency. I live in a area that tropical storm occur and chances of the power being knocked out is high. You New Englanders should have some batteries like this for when those nasty winter storms hit.

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