Google Pixel XL case

Google Pixel XL case review: Bear Motion sand back

The Bear Motion Google Pixel XL case is one of the first cases I looked up to purchase as soon as the phone was pre-ordered. It’s a case I like to get for each phone I own. Ever since the OnePlus One, the sandstone back has been my all time favorite texture for a device. Fortunately, Bear Motion pretty much makes this case for many devices and you should get it too.

Google Pixel XL case

As mentioned, the sandstone texture is one of my favorites for any device. Other than the OnePlus One and Two, there’s not been another phone with this texture. Anytime there’s the chance to get this case for whatever device I get, I get it. For only $7.99 it’s worth picking up.

Google Pixel XL by Bear Motion Pros

Aside from the texture, I like the minimal design. The case doesn’t add much bulk at all and will protect from scratches and scrapes. There’s even been times in the past with other phones I have dropped the phone with this case on and the still saved the phone from a break. Normally, if possible, I always have a tempered glass screen protector installed. With that combo adds another level of protection. Therefore, this case does protect to a certain degree. Mind the drops never happened on concrete, but tiled floors or carpet. Either way I was happy and fortunate to not have broken a screen or have dings on the frame.

Google Pixel XL case

Another benefit from this Google Pixel XL case by Bear Motion are the accurate cutouts. There’s full access to the volume and power controls along with ports.

The case is slightly raised above the screen to allow the device to be placed on flat smooth surfaces to avoid screen blemishes. Again this is where the benefit of a tempered glass screen protector comes into play. With the glass protector installed the sides of the case are flush.

Google Pixel XL case


The only concern I have with this case is the level of protection with major drops. With that said, this case isn’t really made for those types of drops. Simply is a case for great textured feeling and protection against scratching and light drops.

The fingerprint sensor on this particular case is slightly off center, but not horrible to get on any OCD nerves.

Final Thoughts

Being the case is such a low cost it’s worth checking out. Take a look at the photos for some examples of what the case looks like on the Google Pixel XL.

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