Get a $20 Best Buy e-gift card by using Android Pay with your Nexus device

Get a $20 Best Buy e-gift card by using Android Pay with your Nexus device. This is another great promo and incentive to use Android Pay, but this time exclusive to just Nexus devices. Android Pay seems to be wanting to increase activity with yet another promotion.

One of the other fun promos was getting an Android figurine by using Android Pay at Jamba Juice. I was able to stop by a location near Hurst, TX while at the Big Android BBQ.

Unfortunately, Android Pay doesn’t like rooted devices. So I will be unrooting to use the service at least once before December 31, 2015. It baffles me that this promo is exclusive to Nexus devices because many people end up rooting em. Hopefully Android Pay will support rooted devices. All though it looks like there has been some development being worked on to help rooted users use Android Pay.

Definitely not complaining about this promo at all. Good thing it’s easy to root and unroot Nexus devices.

Who’s using Android Pay?

Source | Android Pay

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