Bane Tech’s Holiday Gift Guide #2

This is the one stop shop for last minute gifts for friends and loved ones!


1. I Am Cardboard v2
First up we have the I Am Cardboard, Google Cardboard version 2. This makes a good present for those techies as they are able to experience virtual reality (VR) through this and their mobile devices. You place your phone inside the cardboard and then you open up Cardboard™ compatible app and put it up to your eyes and look through the lens which help convert the image into one.
6164Zmz32JL._SL1500_2. OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush
This is great for those people who are in love with their camera gear, as they can clean their lenses and also remove any lint or debris which has piled up over time.
3. Credit Card Folding Safety Knife
This is a very handy credit card sized knife which will be able to fold to create a knife to open packages and little letters. I actually have ordered one of these for my dad as they can be handy and store away in your wallet securely and safely.
4. Micro USB to lighting adapter
So we all have that friends who has an iPhone and always need to charge his phone. Well now you can give then this little adapter which will be able to turn your micro USB charging cable into a lighting cable for their phone.
5. Felix – MonkeyDo Tablet Stand
This is a cheap little stand which is able to hold your iPad, tablets, and even some phablets securely on your desk while you consume your favorite media.


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