Galaxy S8 cases

Galaxy S8 Cases from Seidio

Galaxy S8 cases range from all sorts of sizes and protection levels. Seidio has always been a go-to recommended case company for all my devices. They provide cases that are slim or rugged, and some that are a happy medium. They are one of the few case companies that offer a holster combo as well. Take a look at some of the options below. Let me know which you like the most in the comments.

Galaxy S8 cases

Seidio Surface

The Surface case is one of my favorites that Seidio makes and has been for a long time. What I like about the Surface case is that it does not add a lot of bulk, but is very protective. It covers all the edges, corners, and buttons. The buttons feel nice and tactile. It also has a built in kickstand that allows you to view videos or set as a desk clock. My only issue is that place the kickstand in a way that the volume buttons are on the surface. I would prefer it to be up, so if I need to adjust the volume I can do so without picking the whole device up. Not a deal breaker, but something to consider.

There’s a colors to choose from including black, red, gold, and blue. Along with this case you can grab a holster combo.

Seidio Dilex

The Dilex has morphed a few times in design. This new design has a more rugged protective structure. The corners are more reinforced, which is great because many drops happen on the corner of a device. It’s not the most eye appealing case, in my opinion, but definitely will withstand a good drop.

It also has the option of getting a holster.

The holster for both the Surface and Dilex is top notch. It’s sturdy, can fit most size belts, and has a quiet rotating clip. The Dilex Holster has a locking clip to ensure the phone will not fall out of the holster. The Surface does not have this feature, but I wouldn’t worry about your falling out.

Seidio Optik

This is new kid on the block. The Optik is a clear tpu case that is protective, yet lets the S8 design shine through. The button covets work well. An idea for using this case is if you have a skin or photo, you can see the image/design through the case. Great way to customize your phone.

Seidio provides some really great cases for most devices. Check out the links below to purchase yours! You can’t go wrong with one of these cases.

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