Galaxy S4 Bootloader Successfully Booted in Custom Recovery

Good news for AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S4 owners who want to root their devices! Developer Dan Rosenberg claims to have booted a custom recovery for the AT&T variant of the GS4.

He doesn’t want to release the recovery until the launch of the Verizon model so it does not give the chance for Big Red to patch it up before the initial release. Once the recovery is released I recommend getting done ASAP before Verizon tries to push out a patch to lock up the bootloader any more than it already is.

In the past VZW has tried to sneak patches and break root. So if you do end up rooting a device, NEVER accept and download the update pushed out by a carrier. Developers usually have their ROMS and Recoveries updated to the latest versions. So patients is a virtue indeed.

For the Galaxy S3 I wrote up a couple articles talking about whether or not it is worth rooting it or not, well for the Galaxy S4, I am confident to say that it IS worth rooting the GS4. Here is why

  • The device might be considered a 16GB model, but you only get 9GBs to work with! That is not too much at all. So rooting will give you the opportunity to get rid of unneeded bloatware, programs and apps that will free up some space.
  • Space is a big deal to me. The 13mp camera produces larger files so you will need as much space as possible.
  • It is worth saying again, getting rid of bloatware is worth it just for that fact.
  • Potentially get a true Android experience.
  • Performance!
  • WiFi hotspot for free.
  • The list could go on.

I love how root is about always ready even before an initial release of an Android device. When I got the iPhone 5 it took months before it could be jailbroken and it is SO worth having a jailbroken iDevice.

I recommend adding Dan Rosenberg to your Twitter feed and turn on alerts to get the news as soon as he releases the custom recovery. Bane Tech will stay on top of this as well so be sure to add us to the social networks!

Source | @djrbliss

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