Elago C6 Dual USB Car Charger + Micro USB Cable

Elago isn’t just about cell phone cases. They excel in other device accessories too! For example, here we have their C6 Dual USB Car Charger with Micro USB Cable. Now what is so special about this particular car charger? Aren’t they not just about the same? Let’s take a closer look at their car charger and see how it stands out from the others.


First, when I let my wife take a look at the new car charger her immediate reaction was “that looks manly and handsome.” I would have to agree, although I do believe it can satisfy both genders. My initial reaction was the charger set looked very simple and sophisticated (no pun intended with elago’s moto). Typically I would not choose a brown color, but I am pleasantly surprised of how well this charger looks! This particular color is elago’s Chocolate color. There are four other colors with the micro USB cable combo, which is the Indigo Blue, Red, Black and Chocolate. If you just want the charger itself there are more colors to choose from. Surely something for everyone.


To continue with the color and looks I want to bring up that this charger looks great with other elago products. I matched up my Camo Outfit Matrix case with the Chocolate C6 Car Charger and let me tell you, the two were made for each other. Not too mention there are color choices to match your vehicle. Just so happens I have a camo green Ford Expedition.

The feel of the charger is nice and smooth. Reminds me of milk chocolate smooth! The soft touch identifies with the fit in a car charger port or cigarette lighter. The charger does not stick out too much but leaves just enough room to pull out when the time comes.

One of the best features of the C6 charger it is dual action. Giving you the option to charge not just one device, but two. This kit is catered to Android devices, but the beauty of a dual charger is the extra spot for a different device. If you are like me I have multiple devices and at times need to be charged at the same time. So if you have a iDevice you can charge it along with your Android device. Not to mention other accessories like a bluetooth headset.


Having a dual charger is very beneficial for traveling purposes. If you have multiple passengers with different devices it is guaranteed at some point a device will need a charge.

The USB cable is coiled which means it does not get in the way of other wires or parts in the vehicle. Nothing more annoying than a tangled mess in a vehicle. Elago helps keep everything neat and clean with a coiled cable. When the cable is not in use it stays contracted and out of the way.

This is a charger you cant go wrong with. Not only is it great looking but it is very functional with style. If you have other elago products why not match it up with a fresh C6 Car Charger?

Pick up your elago C6 Car Charger with USB Mini Cable HERE

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