Bane Tech Galaxy S4 coverage

Here at Bane Tech we have had the opportunity to review a handle full of devices and their accessories. The next device on the playlist is the Samsung Galaxy S4. I would have loved to have started handson coverage with the S4 by now but thanks to Big Red being a month behind everyone else I have been playing the waiting game to receive the device.


During the waiting period I have however had time to brain storm what kind of coverage I want to present to you guys. Some of the content I plan to do is:

  • Unboxing
  • How to make the transition from iPhone to Android, specifically to the S4
  • What do I do as soon as I get the device
  • Screen protector installation
  • Case reviews
  • Performance tests
  • Compare contrast with other devices

I am sure more ideas will come along as I mess around with the new S4. But I also want to hear back from you guys.

What kind of coverage do you want to see me do concerning the Galaxy S4? Let me know in the comments, Tweet me, Facebook message me, Kik me (jkbane) or send a message via Google Hangout.

Get your Galaxy S4 HERE¬†and don’t forget to get a case too!

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