Galaxy S3 Photo Submission.

About a month ago we decided to dive into the smartphone photography world. Bane Tech being dedicated to “The Everyday User Experience” wants to share ideas, tips and guides for turning your device’s photos into professional quality photos. Part of this experience is an interactive effort between us here at Bane Tech and YOU the reader/viewer. So many of us carry and use our phones for pictures and this is something that we all can benefit from each other. As you take your photos and edit them, please share your experiences and tips. You can do so by submitting the photos to

Twitter user @FishChoma was kind enough to send over some photos he used with his Galaxy S3. The photos submitted were used by the camera’s stock app and the edits were made by the stock camera app. @FishChoma has a rooted GS3 and is running a stock Jelly Bean ROM. Take a look at the photos, let us know your thoughts and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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