Cruzerlite’s TPU iPad Case

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One of the great features of the last few iPads is the fact that accessories are compatible between the iPad 2,3 and 4. For this review the iPad 2 is used to show off the Cruzerlite TPU iPad Case. To reiterate, this case fits the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation iPads. You can find a selection of TPU cases over at Cruzerlite’s Amazon Store.  We have had the opportunity to review a few of Cruzerlite products and this particular case is very simular to the rest of their TPU cases for other devices such as the Galaxy S3, only much bigger.

This case will help protect against bumps, scrapes and light drops. TPU material is design to withstand and absorb impacts. So while this case is thin, it will protect against average everyday usage. The fit is nice a snug leaving no wiggle room. My two year old girl uses the iPad often and while she takes good care of the iPad, she still has accidents here and there.

Rabbit trail here…hoping to give some assurance that you don’t necessarily have to go buy a bulky $80+ case to protect the iPad from a kid’s use. This case has done well. Here at Bane Tech we want to give you sound, non-bias opinions that will help you the everyday user. Now if my lil girl slammed the device around I might give a second thought about what kind of case I have installed. But then again if the iPad is getting slammed around, that activity would be cut off anyways and she would not be using it.

Back to business. This case is simple and protective. There are cutouts for all ports and buttons. The only complaint I have for this case is that when I use my HDMI adapter to connect to my TV I have to take the iPad out of the case because the cutout is not big enough for the adapter to fit in the charger port. Other than that one thing this case does the job and looks good. I like thin profile cases that do not take away from the design of the device. I like the slim feel of the iPad and the Cruzerlite TPU case is a nice fit.

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