Ingredients of Revival (in Dothan).

Tonight members of the praise band from Church at the Crossing in Dothan, AL met together to go over a few things to look forward to in the year 2013. Currently CATC is undergoing construction a recent purchase of property for the future home of where our meetings will take place. We are excited to see how God will use the new location for His Kingdom. The worship team’s leader Kalen spoke of some past goals and future goals. He along with the rest of the group shared our hearts, what drew us to CATC and laid out some vision for what lies ahead.

As I was sitting there listening and taking in the remarkable words being spoken by the group, I was hearing from the Lord of “Ingredients for Revival.” Part of the conversations we had talked about about past revivals and other groups that lead large movements. Some of which was talked about was Hillsong, Bethel and Brownsville. The common denominator I noticed was that the people who started these movements were broken, prepared themselves for revival and had a heart for people. They wanted to see God move in people’s lives. Basics. So this brings us to this point in the story. The people I was in the presence of have the same heart. We want revival. We want God to rock people’s lives. We want the love of God to impact people’s lives.

Part of what was said to was how God has placed certain people here for a specific purpose. As if a chess game was in place. God the Chess Master knows what He is doing kind of thing. I have heard this many times for this city. Not just for CATC. But for other churches and people too. Get ready Dothan! Revival is right around the corner. Prepare your hearts. Don’t miss out and like Kalen said “don’t be in a place to where you will have to catch up, be ready and in the middle of it.”

Ingredients for revival is in Dothan, AL.

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