FeiyuTech AK200s

FeiyuTech AK200s gimbal review – small and mighty

The FeiyuTech AK2000s is a small and mighty gimbal for cameras. It’s got the capability to support a long list of camera and lens combos and packs some great features as well. In this review, we will go over those features, my experience, and who this gimbal is for. My style of reviewing a product is while talking about the features, I also give my opinion.

I’m not going to spill out a ton of specs, if you want the full spec outline, please see this link. I want to highlight the features that stand out to me.

Lightweight Design

I’ve been using the DJI Ronin S for a couple of years and one of the biggest gripes I have about it is how heavy the gimbal weighs. So naturally, once I picked up the FeiyuTech AK200s I was shocked at how light it felt in comparison to the Ronin S. Even though the AK2000s is lightweight, it still supports a heavy load, especially the in the price bracket it is in.

FeiyuTech AK200s


As mentioned above, the AK2000s is light but supports a good amount of weight, which is 4.85 pounds. Meaning you can put a full-size mirrorless and DSLR camera on this gimbal. My current camera and lens combos include the following:

  • Cameras – Sony A73, Sony A7R3, Sony a6600, Z Cam E2-S6
  • Lenses – Sony 24-70mm GM, Sony 24mm, Sigma 18-35mm, SLR Magic Cine 50mm, LAOWA 12mm (I have a few more lenses, but not ideal for gimbal work, like the Sony 70-200mm).

The motor is equipped with a new generation of Cortex M4 core and a 200MHz CPU. The maximum motor control frequency is 20,000 times per second, with 2.2kg payload capacity thanks to the strong motor torque.

Being able to support up to 4.85 pounds and being lightweight is important to me because many shoots I am part of are long days such as a wedding. When I first got a gimbal I used it a lot, but being that the weight killed my arms after a long day of shooting, I don’t use a gimbal as much. The AK2000s has changed that a little for me. Yes, I probably need to hit the gym more, but the truth is jobs like a wedding is taxing no matter what. So it is important to be light and fast for run and gun style filming.

FeiyuTech AK200s

No App Needed

As a run and gun style shooter, I appreciate cutting out steps to get the job done. The AK2000s does not need an app to function. There is an intuitive touch screen menu on the gimbal itself. You can adjust axis, calibrations, and even camera settings.

Real-world situation – my company has a few shooters. To use the Ronin S, each person would have to have the app and an account to use the app for calibration. I mean it’s not a dealbreaker to have to use the app, but it sure is nice to not have to be required to use an app with the FeiyuTech AK2000s.

FeiyuTech AK200s

Motor Locks

One of the things I do not like about the Ronin S is the lack of motor locks. When transporting the gimbal, I don’t always use the foam case. I like to have the motor axis adjustments locked in place and ready to go. ALSO with the Ronin S, the arms dangle and swing around. DJI did fix the issue with the SC model, but still a frustrating thing with the S.

The AK2000s has motor locks. I like to leave the extension arm attached, so I can’t place the gimbal back in the case, but this gimbal does not take up a lot of space either.

Portrait Mode

Part of my company, I provide and create social media content. Portrait mode is a great way to fill up phone screens and also use for Instagram and Facebook Stories. With a touch of a button, you’re in portrait mode.

Final Thoughts

The FeiyuTech AK2000s was a nice surprise. It’s a lightweight design that supports a good amount of weight. I love the fact that it is travel friendly and easy to use. The wood grip is a nice touch as well.

FeiyuTech AK200s

Complaints – the case is useless if you want to keep the extension arm attached. If you want to take off the extension arm there are 3 screws to remove with an allen wrench. I like the foam cases for protection, but I want gimbal companies to figure out a good protective case that allows you to keep the balance adjustments and accessories attached while stored in a case.

While I like the touch screen and the ability to not have to use an app, sometimes I have to balance the gimbal on a floor which makes it hard to see the screen for the menu options.

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