Elago Outfit Aluminum Polycarbonate Case for the iPhone 5/5s IN PINK!

The Outfit compliments your iPhone 5/5s with an elegant design. Not only does it look good, it protects. Made of two materials of polycarbonate and aluminum the Outfit will withstand drops, bumps and scratches. There is a wide choice of color selections. For this review we have PINK!



The Outfit is a case that will protect your iPhone from bumps, scrapes and drops. Because of the durable polycarbonate and aluminum the iPhone will survive most drops and everyday use. The entire iPhone is covered with exception of the top and bottom edges. The case is slightly raised above the screen which lets you have the option to lay the iPhone faced down and not worry if the screen or screen protector will get damaged. All four corners are protected. Corner protection is important because many drops happen on the corners.

Your iPhone photography is protected by a design to eliminate the potential of camera ghosting. That means if the case’s camera cutout is not designed to detract light interference from the walls surrounding the camera, the photos could produce a glare or distorted image.


Protection is great but if the case is not functional with the phone it kinda defeats the purpose of the case. The Outfit works very well with the iPhone’s functionality. All the ports and buttons are easy to access. One of the things I like about Elago is the attention to detail. The cutouts are always precise, not gaudy or misaligned.


The top and bottom are left exposed but the advantage is that there will not be a problem compatibility with adapters, docks or connections.

Pocketability is an important feature I look for in a case. I do not use clips or holsters thus the needed ability to place my phone in my pocket and for the it to slide in and out with ease. The Outfit is made of a smooth combination of polycarbonate and aluminum which makes it pocketable. While the texture is smooth it does not feel slippery.

Another awesome feature Elago installs on their cases is a coating that resists against oil, dirt and lint. It actually helps reduce fingerprints residue. So the case looks great all the time.

Final Thoughts:

If you are in the market for a case that will not only look good but give everyday use protection the Outfit case is something I would recommend. I really like the pink/white color, it is not a typical cookie cutter color that you will see with most cases. The pink/white will give you a touch of unique character for your iPhone. But if pink is not the color for you there are plenty of color selections to choose from. Most importantly to me the case is protective, looks good and is pocketable.

Be sure to watch the full video review and take a gander at the Outfit MATRIX photo gallery.

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