30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 4 – Me


Yes, I am thankful for me 🙂

I love my Creator. He developed me in a way that will not ever be duplicated. What got me started on this thought was just thinking about my hobbies and interests. At first I was pondering on making this post about how I am thankful for my Galaxy Note 3’s camera because it takes such good stinkin pictures and video. But then I thought about the deeper appreciation and where the awe of the camera was coming from and that’s the love for tech. I’m a techie, geek (although I am still working on accepting that “label”) and smartphone enthusiast.

My passion for tech even goes deeper than just liking techie stuff, it comes from the fulfillment of helping others. Through my progression of learning about techie things, I have become my family/friends go-to guy about anything smartphone related. I love to help people, no matter the subject matter.

I could go into many more passions I have that makes me who I am, but the point I want to bring to the table is that God made a unique guy and His creation is good. He said so. Truth is, He made you too. You are a good creation. That is a mind blowing yet simple fact to grasp. God of the universe in all that He created believes in you and loves you. Pretty awesome!

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