TackForm Steady Clip & C-Fit Universal Window/Dashboard Mount

TackForm is a new company in the windshield mount arena. There are a couple mounts to check out and they are the Steady Clip and C-Fit. Both are developed with patented technology making it stand out from your average car mount. The Steady Clip is optimized for just about any device fitting from the iPhone all the way to the Note 3. The C-Fit is designed to accompany devices around the small to mid-range size, like an iPhone to HTC One.


Both mounts come with a disc for installment on surfaces the mount will not stick to. However these mounts pretty much can stick to many sorts of surfaces. I tried out quite a few surface types and most of the surfaces were compatible. Guaranteed surfaces to work are windshields, dashes and even desktops. One thing to make sure of is the surface is flat. That might be a no brainer, but it’s worth reminding.

Apart from using the mount for your vehicle, this mount is actually not a bad idea to use as a desk mount. If using for a desk mount there are many creative ways to use the mount. For example, video chats, conference calls, speakerphone, listening to music or watching videos.


The feature that sets these mounts apart from the rest is the sticky gooey stuff on the bottom of the suction cup. This stuff helps the mount stick to many surfaces that a standard cup would not secure to as the TackForm does. The residue really does represent the frog’s feet, from the TackForm mascot. Imagine a tree frogs sticky feet, that’s what the bottom of the suction cup is like, well, without being gross or messy.

While the design is different and unique, the clips pose a little hiccup which is you are required to use two hands to place and remove whatever device you’re using. This may or may not be a deal breaker, but it is something to consider.

*Update* The owner and I have conversed and he is developing new mounts and one-handed operation is one of the features. So stay tuned here and I will provide more info as it is released. 

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