The Presence of God

All we need is just another sermon. You’re not going to add anything to the Word. Just let Me take the pen and write. 
In preparing a sermon I can worry about all the points to make. But in His presence all those worries go away. You don’t worry about that text, the dog barking, what’s for dinner, the next thing. 
Just settle down in My presence. You don’t need someone to tell you about My sovereignty. Just come rest in my lap. You don’t need to call someone right away when something bad happens. Go to God right away. He is the one who gives the comfort. He is the direct access. His presence is available. 
Father and son/daughter time. Go back to that place. The place with the Father. 
God is a jealous God. He wants to be with you. He wants to so much time with you that He is evident in relationships, school, work. 
You don’t need more points or more songs. Find that place of presence with Him. 
Even if that place feels far away…
– His presence is everything. It’s in everything. Never loses control. Same as yesterday, today and forever. 
– His presence changes everything. 
– Saul (Paul) never left that place of Gods presence. 
– God is the culture. He is still in control. 
– Even in the area of responsibilities God can woo you into His presence. 
– The Gospel is so simple that its as if He leaves loves notes everywhere. 
– If you can’t explain something to a child then you don’t know the subject that well. 
– it’s the pursuit that got me. It’s the pursuit that will keep me. 
We are defined by him. 
Awareness of His presence. 
God presence changes your perspective. 
Is God’s presence present in everything about you?
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