DBA Cases Thin Grip for the Samsung Galaxy S4

DBA Cases adds the Thin Grip to the Galaxy S4 line up. The Thin Grip has been in the DBA family with other devices like the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. I was happy to see DBA support the GS4 and do so in a timely manner. The Thin Grip is made of a mixture of lightweight polycarbonate material that is made to be durable and scratch resistant. Not only does the case protect the device but it protects itself from bumps, scrapes and drops. There are many colors to choose and are available at a variety of shops in the USA and UK.


The Thin Grip has become one of my favorite slim profile style of cases. Reason being is because I really appreciate the grip design on the sides and how the case does not add bulk to the phone. The GS4 is a slim device and is one of the best features of the phone. The Thin Grip doesn’t take away from the design of the GS4. The surface is smooth but not slippery and even though there is extra grip on the sides the case is still pocketable.

The case is slightly raised above the screen allowing you to place the phone screen down on a flat surface without worry about the screen getting damaged. Every corner is protected which is important because many drops happen on the corners. The top and bottom edges are exposed which increases the odds of a blemish to happen, but the advantage of an exposed top and bottom is that accessories are very compatible with the case. If you like to use large audio jacks or docks this case should work with the accessory.


I like how the case feels in the hand. It is a comfortable to handle and ensures me that it is not going to slip out of my hand. I have the Poppy and Black models and I think the colors look great with the white Galaxy S4. White, black and red is one of my favorite color combinations.

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