DBAcases Thin Grip case for the iPhone 5

DBAcases Thin Grip case for the iPhone 5 is a good option for anyone looking for a unique snap on polycarbonate case. What makes this case stand out from the rest is in the details. The polycarbonate is made from a unique mixture that is actually from the same material from bullet proof glass and the materials from a F-22 Fighter Jet’s cockpit canopy. If that doesn’t perk your interest, I don’t know what will. Another aspect I like is the grip design on the sides. The Thin Grip is molded to fit the iPhone 5 perfectly.

The design of the Thin Grip stands out to me because it is, just like the name says, thin. But it is durable. Polycarbonate is better than the typical snap on hard shell case because if the case is dropped the impact won’t crack the case. If the case doesn’t crack more than likely the phone will not be damaged either. The polycarbonate and grip design work great together. The case doesn’t feel like it will slip out my hand or slide around on a flat surface all while being pocketable. The case is slightly raised above the screen giving a good enough gap to protect the screen if faced screen down on a flat smooth surface. Corner protection on all four corners will protect against drops.


Not only does the case protect well, but in my opinion the case looks good. The thin profile compliments the slim design of the iPhone. The color options are great. Many to choose from over at DBAcases.com. The Poppy color stands out and will definitely catch someone’s attention. If you don’t like bright colors no worries the standard neutral colors are available too.

The downside to this case is that the top, bottom and volume controls area are left exposed. But the advantage is that accessories, adaptors and docks will work well with this case. But you have the chance of gaining a scratch or blemish in the exposed areas. There are no covers or flaps for the buttons which gives you easy direct access without any interference.


Overall this case is a great design that is not your typical snap on case. I would recommend this case for anyone who is looking for a thin protection case that also looks and feels good. My most important things I look for in a case is the pocketability, thin and corner protection. Personally I like to have all edges covered. But there are advantages for having open exposed areas. I want to thank DBAcases for allowing me to review this case. Be sure to check out their full lineup of products for the iPhone 5.

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