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The Complete Ultra Case is a combination of the Ultra PC and the Ultra TPU. It is a two layer protective case. The inner layer is made of TPU material and the outer shell is made of polycarbonate. There are many color combinations to choose from to add the bit of extra personalization. We have the Complete Ultra Snow/Black unit. Check out DBAcases.com for their full description.

DBAcases put a lot of thought in the development of this case. I like options and the Complete Ultra Cases does just that. Along with options you get great protection, quality material and available for an affordable price. All of which is a winning combination.

The Build:

The two layer protection is made of a polycarbonate outer shell and TPU inner skin. Both materials make for a great combination of protection. TPU and polycarbonate materials are becoming popular with how case developers make their products. The polycarbonate adds shock absorption which adds durability. TPU wraps around the entire frame and backside of the device. All corners are protected and reinforced with both TPU and polycarbonate.

The case is a thin profile which does not take away from the skinny Galaxy SIII. The cases is pocketable, has a smooth texture and the edges have a ridged feel for grip  purposes. The cutouts for the buttons are very precise and speaks well of the detail put into the build of the case.


Not only do you get the choice of colors but DBAcases.com presents the opportunity to interchange the both layers with a variety of color options. The TPU layer can be left alone from the polycarbonate layer if preferred.

My Take:

I like options, great protection and pocketable cases. The Complete Ultra case fulfills each of those desires. I like how thin but protective the case is. The Snow/Black color looks good on the white Galaxy SIII. If you are in the market for a thin profile, protective case this is something you will want to check out. There are no major concerns about this cases in my opinion. The only “step up” form this case would be a waterproof case or a case that has a deeper edge which would add more bulk. With that said. This case should make most people happy with their investment.

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