Daily Review: Day 5 VZW Galaxy S3

Alright so got 5 days under my belt with the GS3. For this daily review I want to concentrate on a few discoveries, research on rooting and some performance.

First, I have mentioned in previous reviews that I was not happy with the key board. I have tried a few keyboards and I have narrowed my favorites down to two keyboards. SwiftKey3 and Jelly Bean KB. Currently I lean towards JB KB. If you are not happy with the stock keyboard, give the Jelly Bean KB a try. JB KB can be found in the Google Play Store.

Next I want to talk about the camera quality a little more. Yesterday I spent some time researching some camera tricks. The only helpful hints was pretty much that you have to figure out the right lighting and focus options. The better of the pictures that I took I found that I needed to tap the area on the screen to which I wanted the camera to focus on. Those photos turned out better than the ones that I just pointed and clicked. I did come across a few articles that talked about camera tweaks for rooted users. Which leads into my next topic.

Rooting…I generally end up rooting/jailbreaking any device that I own. Usually the Android devices end up performing better once rooted and iDevices I have jailbroken actually end up quite glitchy. So I end up sticking with stock on the iDevice. In the last year I prefer that I dont have to root to gain quality performance. I believe that phone manufactures ought to make phones that you don’t have to root to just make things work the way they need to. In my case, getting rif of the bloatware (Backup Assistant Plus, WiFi popups and other pointless apps) and tweaking the camera. I will let you know if I decide to root on the Day 7 Review. So stay tuned. (I will more than likely decide to root :-p). The challenge is that I own a MacBook and its not the same proces as if I used a PC. The next few days I will be looking up the procedure of rooting using a Mac.

Some of the other performance issues I ran across again was IMO due to the pesky Backup Assistant Plus. This time BAP was interfering with my Gallery. I have reached out to Samsung and Verizon Support on Twitter and they have not provided any practical help. It seems as if I know the device better than they.

The GS3 is still a beast of a phone. I REALLY like the phone. Feels great, so snappy and smooth. The few annoyances are agrivating. But hopefully I can find some fixes and when I do, I will be sure to report them to you guys. If you come across and fixes or helpful advice please let us know.

Thanks for all your support. Keep following the blog and stay tuned for giveaways and more reviews.

Here are some photo examples. Notice the first two examples and the blurry areas. The last is an example of one of the better photos that I have taken.


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