Daily Review: Day 6 Verizon Galaxy S3

Day 6 was a pretty smooth no major issue type of day. Most of my time working with the GS3 today was researching my rooting options. My particular situation is not the norm. I am a Macbook user and there are not as easy options for rooting methods. What I did discover is that there is not a root method for the Verizon Galaxy GS3 using Mac OSX. There is a way to switch over to a Windows platform on my Mac but the program and my Time Warner internet is not a functional option at this time. I will have to bust out my older Dell in order to root the phone if I so chose to do so. I am out weighing my options for the next couple days. Which is either to wait for the official Jelly Bean update or root to adapt the GS3 to work how I want it configured. Both are actual good choices. I want to provide my audience the info that will give the best option for you to do. I want you to enjoy and get the most out of your phone.
I imagine that the Day 7 review will be a lengthy review. I will plan to divide the review into two parts. Both parts will keep the theme of the everyday user experience.
To recap what Day 6 has been like is as follows…
The Jelly Bean Keyboard has been my primary keyboard.
The camera performance relies on the tap focus option and the best lighting possible.
The fix for the Backup Assistant Plus is to go in settings > apps > Backup Assistant Plus > clear data. That has put an end to the auto sync. By doing so you opt out of using BAP altogether. But Google backsup all the important dates like contacts. If you want to backup photos, media and files… I recommend Dropbox or Google Drive.

That does it for Day 6. Big day for this GS3 tomorrow. It gets the big final review. Thanks for following the blog and stay tuned for more reviews.

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