[Daily Review] Day 4 Samsung Galaxy S3

Today I tested out the navigation, on-the-go and travel features of the Samsung Galaxy S3. For the most part everything was great. Although there were a few hiccups. Those were as follows…

1. The Google Maps Navigation requested us to make an unnessary U-Turn.

2. We were looking for a Carraba’s Italian Grill and the destination on the Maps was on the wrong side of the road.

3. The stock music player froze up three times.

4. Poor Camera performance…

I want to focus on the music player. The navigation is almost expected with any GPS device. But the music player I dont have as much patience for. All I was doing in the app was switching between the Artist, Album and Playlist tabs. I tweeted some questions to the Samsung Support, but they gave me typical, non-useful answers. So I has to analyze on my own for a little while. Whenever I opened the music app, the pesky Backup Assistant Plus began to run in the background. I have attempted to disable everything about the BAP. For some reason there is one part of the app that is unblockable. Long story short I believe the that BAP is interfering with the music apps function and that why my phone was freezing up. Either way it is inexcusable for the MUSIC player to be having problems. I ended up using the Google Play Music App which worked flawlessly. I hate double work and I hate the fact that some of the Android flaws are that you have to have two or more apps to accomplish what ONE app ought to do. With the frustration with the music app, it about made me want to go back to my iPhone. Props to Apple for the most part ironing out or avoiding such issues with their devices.

The camera needs to be reworked. The GS3 is a great device, but it seems as if Sammy has dropped the ball in the camera department. Yes, its wonderful to have zero shutter lag. But what is the point if the picture quality is not any good. I have taken more blurry shots than good shots. I did not have as many bad pictures with my iPhone at all. For that matter just about any other smartphone I have owned (which is quite a bit). The camera is a BIG deal to me. Just about a deal breaker IMO. I will be looking up some info of ways to take great pics with the GS3 to make sure it is not user error.

With some of these flaws today I was left with two thoughts, close to conclusion. One, started missing my iPhone. Two, I may have to root the phone in order to avoid some of these annoyances. I would prefer not to have to root to just be able to enjoy the phone, but that is what it may come to. Dont get me wrong. This IS a great phone. Sammy and Big Red need to work out the kinks though. This phone still performs fast, smooth and snappy.

What have your experiences been like with your GS3? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and please share and hit as many likes as you can. Thanks for the support.


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