CASECROWN Element Glider

CASECROWN is a company that I like to support. They believe in the gift of giving and promote a variety of charities and non-profit organizations. CASECROWN has a program called The Giving Project. Each week they feature a charity or non-profit group. Be sure to check out the project every week to see who they are highlighting and read about the different organizations. Apart from the giving side of CASECROWN, they are a fun bunch of people and nice to interact with. Follow them on Facebook, TwitterPinterest , subscribe to their YouTube Channel and other various social networks.

The Element Glider Case has become my daily driver case for my iPhone 5. The Glider Series is available for many devices. Check out their full line over at their website. So what made me choose this case over the other selections?

  • The entire edge/frame is protected.
  • Thin.
  • Raised above the screen.
  • Slides in and out of my pocket with ease.

The other case styles are still great cases. The features listed about is what I prefer. With the Element Glider I have no concerns with protection, durability or quality. The smoke color looks good with the black iPhone 5. The material has a soft feel kind of like a felt finish. It is not slippery. All in all this case fulfills all the right requirements for a thin case.

CaseCrown Element Glider for the iPhone 5

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