Cruzerlite Galaxy Note 3 Bugdroid

Cruzerlite has been one of my favorite case companies for Android devices. When I used my Galaxy S3 and S4 as my daily driver device I always ended up using a Cruzerlite case for my case daily driver. Specifically I used the Android green A2 case for the GS3 and the Android Clone Army for the GS4. The design is simple but it looks good and thin. The same great designs are now available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


What I like about Cruzerlite cases is that they are thin, smooth, pocketable and look great. TPU material is actually very durable. So you will be protected against scrapes, scratches and bumps. The case is raised above the screen so you have the option to place the phone face down without worry of screen damage. The case will protect against most drops. The installation is very easy and all ports/buttons are fully accessible. The Androidified case also has some extra grip on the sides that will help reduce the chances of the dreadful drops.


The green  Bugdroid case looks really cool. The outline of the Andy logo stand out and the circuit board design really brings out the Android pride. Personally I like the green color and I think it looks cool on the white Note 3. One of my favorite designs Cruzerlite has is the Circuit Androidified case.

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