How to access your Note 3 SD Card slot

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The SD Card slot is located in a different spot than what we have seen in previous Galaxy devices like the S3 & S4. For the Note 3 follow these steps and watch the short video of to get your memory card in the right place.

  • Remove backplate
  • Locate the area by the top right above the battery
  • This is also where the SIM card is placed
  • The SD Card slot lays on top of the SIM slot
  • Place the card with the connectors (usually the gold plate circuit looking stuff) on the bottom
  • Slide in the card
  • There isn’t really a click or anything, just simply push until you can’t push it in anymore
  • Replace the backplate on the device
  • The Note 3 should read the card rather quickly and you are good to go

Two things I noticed about this installation is for one the card lays on the SIM and the other thing to take notice is the feature when in the past there was a click when pushing in the card. Now there is nothing. I tend to like the push to release feature. Gives me more peace of mind when installing.

There you have it. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or message me. Don’t forget to watch the video and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more tips, reviews and giveaways.

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