CaseCown Monaco Stripes iPhone 5/5s Case

This is one cool looking case! The CaseCrown Monaco Stripes case for the iPhone 5/5s is a snap on style case with great style, design and slim protection. This case is made out of a durable hard plastic material. It is a snap on case so it will only protect to a certain extent, but this is one of the thinnest dense case I have used. When I rock an iPhone I tend to lean towards these style case. I just really like the thin design and it keeps the special feel of owning an iPhone.


The case is well built and designed. All ports and buttons are accessible. The volume controls are easy to press as well as the power button. The top and bottom of the case leaves the edge open, but the advantage of an open edge is most of not all accessories are compatible. For example, docks and mounts. Not too mention any size headphone jack will fit.

Other great aspects of this case is that the outside edges of the case are rounded off feeling smooth and comfortable to handle. Because of the smooth design the case is pocketable. While the surface is smooth, it is not slippery.

Most of this case just looks good and protects! If you like snap on cases, you can’t go wrong with this case. Go get one now!

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