Elago E502M Control Talk In-Ear Earphones

Here at Bane Tech we have had the opportunity to review many of the phone cases Elago produces. But that is just one aspect of the company. Elago not only carries cases, but included in their lineup are earphones, cables, stands and other accessories. For this review we will focus on one of their head phones, the Elago E502M Control Talk In-Ear Earphones.

Audio accessies have become a trend as of late. There is a wide variety of earphones/headphones to choose from and with a wide variety of products comes a wide variety of prices (not too mention price tags). I am sure that I am not the only one that feels that I like to get my money’s worth in the products I choose to invest in. Fortunately, I have learned that Elago provides quality products and I trust that I will not be disappointed with anything sent this way. Elago E502M Control Talk In-Ear Earphones give some bang for your buck.

I used the earphones for about a week before giving my final opinion about the E502Ms. I used them for travel, exercise and for the band I play in. Over the Christmas holiday I was on a road trip for about 8 hours one way. Part of travel is road noise. While listening to some tracks I was not disturbed by any exterior noise. The earbuds reduced if not eliminated any unwanted noise. I like to listen to music/podcasts while I go jogging. But one of my pet peeves about some headphones is that annoyance of the earbuds falling out. I was impressed to discover that the E502Ms do not fall out. The shape of the buds are formed to fit snug while remaining comfortable. HUGE plus 1 in that department.

I used the E502Ms as my monitor system for my praise and worship band. We use headphone monitor systems that give us the ability to use any style headphones we choose. So I was anxious to find out how the E502Ms would perform. I was again impressed. I play bass and the bass line was sounding smooth (if I don’t say so myself). The mix settings I use for the monitor system is for one I turn up the bass. Then the other parts I need to hear is the kick drum, lead vocal and lead guitar. Those are the other mixes I follow to play along with the flow of the band. All of the mixes came in clear and I felt like I was living in my own concert. Sounded great.

Not only do these earphones have the audio functionality, but they also have an answer button for phone calls. This is another important feature. I used the E502Ms for a few phone calls. The performance was great. I had complaints on the other end of the phone call, the call volume was perfect and the clarity in my opinion was better than the iPhone 5’s earpiece. If you need to hear the phone call in a loud environment I would recommend using theses earphones. The earbuds block out any unwanted noise giving a productive phone call conversation.

Other nice features of the E502Ms are the color options, the cord does not tangle easy, extra buds provided and a unique carrying case. The carrying case is design to keep the earphones clean and tangle free. The jack is something that I like to point out because if you have a different case other than an Elago case installed on your device you might run into a problem with fit. Some cases do not allow a thick jack to fit in the headphone jack on the device. The E502Ms jack is thin and should fit in most if not all headphone jacks.

Features (vai – ElagoStore.com):

  • Sleek design makes for better durability while looking amazing!
  • The E502M is compatible with all multimedia devices/phones using 3.5mm connection. Recommended devices include iPhones and other Apple devices.
  • Ergonomically designed to fit just outside the ear canal to provide a comfortable fit.
  • With the Remote/Mic, one may access voice command, skip, back, play, stop, fastforward, and rewind functions all just a simple click away.(*No Volume Control)
  • Product designed by elago in California and Made in China.

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