God of the Underdog – “Radical Christian Life.”

John the Baptist

“This dream is too radical.”

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If we are going to fulfill God’s plan we have to be radical. A lifestyle saying I am going to be different. Let your presence overtake my heart. When the world looks in they don’t understand what’s going on.

Luke 3:2-8
John was prophesied before by Isaiah.

There should be something growing on you. Bearing fruit. John was telling the people that basically came to hear and see the latest and greatest that it is more than just calling yourself a follower of God. There needs to be fruit.

What would it be like if John the Baptist would speak to today’s crowd?

Verse 8 says prove that you have been saved? Your needs to be consistent if you’re going to claim God, holiness, righteousness. Live it!

People were showing up to be baptized but that had nothing to show for it.

How confused would John the Baptist be if he came to hang out with us?

We get excited about football, etc. Why is it so hard do celebrate the King of Kings!?

Would John the Baptist be welcome?

Does my life back up what my life claims? You got to be consistent.
Just because we have the title doesn’t mean are what we claim to be. Just because you call yourself a Christian doesn’t mean you’re a Christian. Your life has to back it to.

Its not just saying a magical prayer and then it’s all good. There has to be fruit.

A tree is identified by its fruit.

“I don’t want to stand before God and him say you preached a light gospel. You helped people get through their day, but they never heard the truth.”

Can the world tell you apart from everyone else?

John preached the cross.
It has always been about laying yourself before the Lord. Humbled, surrendered. Its a nature change.
-Embrace the cross. Its not going to be easy. Pruning includes cutting things off. We plan and plan for so many things. But we give little thought to where we will be for eternity.
The only thing you can do with a cross is die on it. We need to die daily. Take up your cross daily.
-Committing to being a disciple. Be disciplined in the ways of God.

The altar is like being sworn in like the military. When you get to boot camp it’s a whole new world.

Instant obedience. Delayed obedience is disobedience.

Who do you put authority over your life?

We are living in a place there Honor is lost.

John focused on…
Integrity. What are we in private? Not public.
Contentment. Overflow. True freedom is I could, but I choose not to.
Its not about me. Point to Jesus.

 Message By: Pastor Stacy Turney

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