Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Limited Edition PS4 Designer Skin Decal

CloudSmart has a pretty cool Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 decal for the Playstation 4. The decal is made of high quality vinyl material that will not scratch or peal. The application is rather simple and in no time you can have a sharp looking PS4.

I’ve had a skin installed on my PS4 as soon as I could get one on because even with being extremely careful the gloss finish scratches off rather easily, which was disappointing. But it proves that it’s worth putting a skin on the PS4. I’ve had the PS4 since day one and it’s been relieving to know my PS4 won’t gain any damage.

The installation for this decal was pretty easy. If you mess up the vinyl comes off to be able to fix any misalignments.

Pro Tip: Peal off the sticker from the 3m paper, place the skin half way back on the paper, and then line up the skin where it needs to go. 

The PS4 gets full coverage using this skin. Every side gets protection, even the bottom. The package includes two skins for the controllers as well. They don’t cover the handles, but the d-pad areas are covered. I actually like this idea because I like to use SquidGrips and the skin will be compatible with the skin.

My only complaint about the skin is that there is not a PS4 logo cutout. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but would be a nice touch to have.

Overall, I really like this skin! I love the Bo3 design and it turns an average Playstation 4 into a limited edition console. I feel secure that the PS4 won’t get any scratches, and it just looks cool! Not too mention only about $15!

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