Buy the Nexus 5X in the UK now!

As you know Google announced the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P on September 29th at the Google Event, and they were available for pre-order from the Google Store on the same day. Google then announced on 18th October 2015 that they have started to ship their new Android devices to their customers. If you go to the Google Store today you can order one of the devices and it will arrive in the next couple of days.

Yesterday on 20th Oct. I went into the Carphone Warehouse (a British mobile phone retailer) which deals will all major phone networks (carriers) and just out of curiosity, I asked about the Nexus 5X and they had some in stock! I was quite amazed as they only started shipping to customers and didn’t expect them to have any just yet. I did end up buying one, and even my father bought one with the same configuration as me (carbon black 32GB). I basically sold him the phone after the Google launch event finished as he needed a new phone and turned out he really liked it.

The other day on Google+ the other day ‘SuperSafTV‘ a.k.a Safwan Ahmedmia posted that he received his device early which he pre-ordered, this was partly the reason I went and asked about it. They were quite surprised that someone like me (a 17 year old) would know about 1. A Nexus device because they aren’t that popular in the UK unlike in the US where people actually know what a version of the nexus looks like, and 2. A brand new device which was released in stores the other day!

All in all you can pick up your brand new Nexus 5X (if you haven’t ordered one already) from Carphone Warehouse today!


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