Blackberry Venice – it’s Andriod – mostly

We have been hearing about and seeing incremental leaks of the rumored Blackberry Android phone for a number of weeks. But now, an employee of Baka Mobile, a Canadian company (a retailer, as far as I can tell), has put a YouTube video up, showing off the entire phone. He does make the point that it is an evaluation unit, but this is, by far, our best look at Blackberry’s entrance into Android phone manufacturing.

It looks to me to be a very attractive piece of hardware. Sleek, thin and completely Android-looking, while still being able to retain the “Blackberry” look. The vertical slide out keyboard is what we would expect and what so many consumers love (loved?) about typing on a Blackberry phone.  The overall look of the operating system seems to be very close to stock Android, while having the standard power, volume up and down, micro USB and headphone hardware. Also, there is micro SD card support, which MIGHT give it a slight advantage over some other premium phones that have stopped offering SD card support.

Blackberry Venice

Overall, Blackberry seems to be coming out of the Android gate with an attractive useful phone. Hopefully, it will bring back some of the thousands upon thousands who have loved the Canadian company’s smartphones in the past and they will, once again, have the beloved keyboard that so many have longed for.

Blackberry Venice2

I have never owned a Blackberry myself, but, if this one is a promising as it looks to be that may change in the future. Still no “official” word on when this phone will come to market (November is rumored), but we now have proof that it is real. I hope the pricing makes it within reach for the average consumer and that the Venice is the beginning of the way back to profitability, or at least an escape from extinction, for Blackberry.

Source: Baka Mobile

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