The Big Android BBQ5 2014 Real life experience (Lets talk about this year’s “Meat” and greet)

As you all know was present at this year’s Big Android BBQ5 conference, October 16th through the 18th of 2014. A two man team giving you all a wonderful hands on plus live footage experience! Starting with Joshua Bane and including myself Marshall Williams was in attendance. In the back end, with the love and support of CoolStream Bluetooth Devices and my Boss Dan Baker we were all a team that was able to make this possible! Joshua Bane was able to make a (What’s in my bag? Big Android BBQ 2014 trip) video prior to our arrival so check that out! Now let’s talk about our experience and what to expect at a Big Android BBQ event!


Back story and present time

Starting in 2009 the Big Android BBQ was not just another Android convention, more of a developer and hardware manufacturer meet and greet. A central location for the two to update their innovation and involvement to the public with in the Android community ecosystem, plus adding testing and training labs, promoting products, and keynotes. This year’s 2014 event there were over 30 sessions, with Google presented Keynotes, Code Kitchens, parties, contest giveaways, and much more. Then ending with a bang, Ray Walters’s wonderful and delicious tailgate style barbecue with all the fixings! This convention took place at the Hurst Texas Hurst Conference Center a great location for a event like this plus a well known barbecue state!


Day one (October 16, 2014) sign up and registration

After both of our flights landed into the wonderful Lone Star State of Texas it was sign up and badge day, Hyatt Hotel Hurst Texas was the location we entered to give us access passes to this event! In the line we meet up with Adam Outler of XDA Developers unexpectedly, kudos to him! Then next was the Hotel pool party, music DJ, and people were on the scene doing their thing as expected! After it all ended, it was our first YouTube Video time on site as well as our scheduling time for day number two!


Day two (October 17, 2014) meet and greet, introduction, and keynotes

Joshua and myself arrived 8:30 AM at the Hurst Texas Hurst Conference Center, at this time the doors were open to the hardware kiosk and retailers of great devices and Android promoters. As we entered the parking lot we met up with Cruzerlite CEO Joel Michael and his beautiful family, he is the proud owner of Cruzerlite cases of numerous Android and IOS devices! At the same time we meet up with Ray Walters’s barbecue expert and Mychal Hix both staff members of this great convention!



On the main floor there was other vendors erecting there kiosk accordingly to the Conference Center floor plan. What a site to see I must say and happy to be a part of it! After seeing and spending time with each device manufacturer like HTC, Samsung mobile, Nvidia, Huawei, Oppo, one plus one, and much more we headed on to the first keynote of the day done by Google themselves!



The first of many keynotes starting  with Google, yes they were live on stage giving us the skinny, plus adding the Android L Developer Preview in the mix! Yes we were the first to experience it live, what a beautiful platform OS I must say! They talked about material design, Android TV, and Android Auto all a great addition to Android and Google as a whole.

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Material design, Android TV, and Android Auto

Three major key points of Android (L) Lollipop version 5.0 by Google starting with Material Design (for more info on this click here), next two was Android TV and Android Auto? Android TV aka (The Nexus Player) release date November 3 2014 at the low price of $99.00 USD! A great addition to the Nexus line and for people needing the internet on their TV like me a cable cutter having Plex Media, NetFlix, and crackle is the way to go. I believe Android TV will take off and hope TV manufacturers adapt this to their stand alone TVs! Feel free to hit up a good friend of mine RootJunky to get a first look (Developer Preview) of Android TV in the hands of a consumer/tech reviewer!  Up last was Android Auto a new OS inside your car, fresh new focus point replacing the traditional car stereo platform. With Android Auto we now have in dash driver friendly controls and adapting display working with your Smartphone to give us a more rich experience with audio in his or hers transportation! For a more hands on in depth look and feel of Android Auto, check out Dom Esposito on YouTube! After numbers of other keynotes we met up with TK Bay of XDA Developers and the XDA Developers team!


This day ended with a blast, free drinks everyone I must say Lol what a fun way and night to end with! We all had a party on the back side of the Hurst Texas Hurst Conference Center, here’s looking at you SmartBear Software and Ara Wagoner a spokesperson from Androidcentral! When it was all said and done we had our second YouTube video time on site! Plus added a great montage at the middle of this video so check it out!

Before  IMG_20131012_141554 and after IMG_20141016_214858

Day three (October 18, 2014) Vendors, more keynotes, and the Barbecue

The last and final day of this wonderful Big Android BBQ5 2014 conference, we had more time with the vendors keynotes with entering the realm of rooting android and jailbreaking IOS! Keynotes done by  Jay Freeman  aka (Saurik)Developer of Cydia, Hands down was by far the light of the show (sorry Google)! I really related with him by far at this conference! Here’s looking at you Jay Freeman double take Lol!


And last the BBQ aka (barbecue) Joshua Bane and myself Marshall Williams was not in attendance for this but throughout each day they served barbecue! So let me sum this up with a few pictures at the bottom of this post and live footage just clicking here, playlist produced and created by Joshua Bane of you all will like to see! Cheers all and hope you liked our Real life experience at this year’s  Big Android BBQ5 2014!

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Ps: Feel free to skip to 5:13 to see the video montage we made for you!!!

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