Material Design is the new Android design language (Google Apps Updated as well as others in the Play Store)

As you all may have noticed by now a number of Google’s flagship apps have been updated with the all new Material Design, they have been hitting Google Play all this past month before the official launch of Android (L) Lollipop version 5.0! Apps like Gmail, Maps, Play Music, and the Google Play Store itself, Material Design is the new look and feel of Android (Have a look at MKBHD newest video)! Moving away from their previous design (holo) we now have a beautiful, highly animated, and well thought out look and feel! As for the proud new owners of the brand new Nexus 6, 6-inch Quad HD display phone and the nexus 9 , 8.9-inch screen tablet, all the new apps are baked into the build of Android Lollipop. Great aesthetics to all Android users, not just those lucky enough to already have Lollipop installed on their devices. Plus adding the development community of third party apps we all have something great to look forward to! So let’s dig deeper into this new and great Android we have this date and time.

Look and Feel

Starting with a big line up of Google made apps that we have in the Play Store, Gmail, Play Music, Play movies, Calendar, Maps, Drive, Google Wallet, Docs, Slides, and Google News and Weather all of which has been updated to the new Material Design.

Screenshot_2014-11-07-21-54-14 Screenshot_2014-11-07-21-55-59 Screenshot_2014-11-07-22-00-03 Screenshot_2014-11-07-22-05-46 Screenshot_2014-11-07-22-06-06 Screenshot_2014-11-07-22-07-29Screenshot_2014-11-07-23-03-07Screenshot_2014-11-07-23-02-00

Third party apps

As for third party app development, being that Material Design is still in its infancy we have Evernote, Shop Savvy, Reddit News Pro ($1.99) still in beta or free, Today Calendar-Pro ($2.99) or free, and last Wally formerly known as wallbase plus a few more floating out there.  Keep in mind you don’t need Android Lollipop to experience this right away, but you will need to be running Android (ICS) Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0 and above to download each app in its current state.


Beauty after the beast

With all that said, Google Android new Material Design is beautiful in all aspects resulting in a well thought out newly design element approach! I believe Google Android is moving in the right direction so anything after this will be a plus! Looking back in time of Android (G) Gingerbread version 2.3 times have now changed for the better in Android! Performance and aesthetics is now the major focus going forward, which one is your favorite Material Design app so far? Feel free to comment below, on Google Plus, and other social media!

Featured Image edited by Jimmy Jones and all others courtesy of my personal Nexus 7 2013, plus the video love from MKBHD a one man YouTube Tech reviewer you all should love!

Check out these YouTube videos to see some of the new third party Material Design apps, demonstrated and explained. They can be found here done by TWit, Android App Arena plus see Android (L) Lollipop version 5.0 running on the all new Moto X 2014 done by Droid-Life cheers all and have a great weekend!

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