The Best Android Apps Early 2017

It’s about that time again where we take a look at some of the best Android applications which have hit the Play Store recently. Here are my top 5 applications which are listed below.

Days Counter

First up we have Days Counter, this lets you keep track of the events which are most important to you. A neat thing about this is that you can customize the look of each countdown. So, let’s say you have a trip coming up, you enter the name of the trip enter. You can then add a description if you would like you can also choose an event header. This can either be from the built-in collection or one of your own. The app also comes with widgets so that you can get a quick glance at your upcoming events.

Long Screenshot

Next up we have ‘long screenshot,’ it is pretty much self-explanatory, this app enables you to take long screenshots. So, if you want to capture an entire webpage you can do that. That’s about it, it’s pretty simple.




This is a great way to keep life under control with tasks and To-do lists. So, adding a task is simple just add what you want to do, when you want to do it. You can also add additional notes, you can have color-coded tabs and can place icons associated with it. A cool about this app is the list section, here’s where you can keep different tasks organized with categories. They can be anything from work, books to read, films to watch and of course, you can create your own. The app has smooth animations and looks very neat and tidy, it adopts Google’s material design layout too.



Material notes

I used Google Keep on a day to day basis and love its functionality. But I had to share this one because it is simple and gorgeous. It is very similar to Google Keep where you can color code your notes, and organize them in a grid. You can export your notes as a text file, view notes in night mode, and you can change the font. The app provides a lock feature to secure your notes with a four-digit pin. It comes with widgets which are resizable too.


School Agenda 

This is a great app for students as it is an all-in-one app which allows you to be organized. It uses material design and it looks beautiful, clean lines and simple icons to signify different elements. It has 4 main section; Homework, exams, reminders and grades. At the bottom, so that you can see your homework, exams, and reminders for today and tomorrow. In the slide-out menu, you can view your agenda for the day your weekly timetable and a month calendar.


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