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7 must-see Apple apps for web designers

With many developments in technology, it has become possible for workers to efficiently fulfill their duties even when not at their work desks. This is true for Apple users who are web developers or designers. Did you know that even with just a mobile device, you can create your own font, retouch images and even work with CSS3? Here are the best apps available on iTunes for all web developers and web designers.

Apple apps

7 Must-see Apple Apps For Web Designers

  1. Evernote – this tool is perfect not just for web design but for any project that requires organization. What makes this a productive tool is that it increases efficiency. Though there are many apps for web developers, some steps may require the use of a desktop. Because it supports cross-platform notes you’ve taken on your mobile device can be synced to your other devices.
  1. Textastic – this might be a paid app, but you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth with this code editor for iOS devices. This versatile app supports 80 different syntaxes, it can support Bluetooth keyboard which makes coding on the go a breeze to do.
  1. WordPress – with many professional websites based on WordPress, downloading this app would be helpful. It’s more than just a content management system and can serve as a framework for web applications.
  1. Color Expert – choosing the correct color scheme for your website is very important. If the site is not attractive or pleasing to the eye, visitors may not stay to browse the contents of the site. What’s good about this app is that you can actually choose photos from the web or your camera roll to see if you like any color from there. The app will give you the HEX code of the color so that you can use it on your site.
  1. Java Script Anywhere – this can be downloaded for free at the App store, and it’s not just used to edit Java Script, but HTML and CSS as well. With a minimalistic design, developers can enjoy coding without bothersome graphics. Previewing your projects is easy. You can even connect this app to Dropbox so that your files can be backed up.
  1. Launchlist – this is great to use when you’re just starting your site. The lite version of this app gives you a 30-item checklist to see the progress you are making while creating your website.
  1. Analytics HD – this app is ideal for monitoring your site’s statistics. Web developers know just how important it is to not just have a beautiful site but to have a site where your target audience will actually go to. By looking at the stats for your site, you can have an overview of what works and what does not work on your website.

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