Apple Watch – after the unveiling


So, it has finally been announced. According the Tim Cook, the Apple Watch is the ‘most advanced time piece ever created’. He may be right. During the on stage presentation, Kevin Lynch, head of the design team for the device, demonstrated it pulling up a credit card, pulling photos from Instagram, answering a call (from the watch) and opening a garage door. As far as I know, no other watch to date has had this degree of flexibility and function. Battery life is said to be eighteen hours, which would beat most of the smart watches available quite handily.

The device comes in three flavors or collections, as Cook calls them. The Apple Watch Sport starting at $349 for the 38 millimeter model or (only) $50 more for the 42 millimeter, the Apple Watch (I translate that as ‘regular’, one step up from Sport) starting at $549 for the smaller or $599 for the larger and finally the Apple Watch Edition starting at $10,000. The cases for the Edition are made of 18 karat ( I wasn’t aware that spelling it with a ‘k’ or ‘c’ was acceptable), solid gold and it will only be available in ‘select’ retail stores. Preorders begin on April 10th in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom and the U.S.

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On the Apple web site, the Apple Watch Sport is available in 10 models with an aluminum case and sport band. That band is fluoroelastomer. According to Wikipedia, fluoroelastomer is a special purpose fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber. The Apple Watch comes in 20 models with a stainless steel case and, again, the sport band. The Apple Watch Edition is available in 8 models, comes in an 18 karat rose gold case and seems to only be offered in the 38mm size.

I expect the Apple faithful, of which there are many, will be flocking to get their hands on one and I may be among them at some point. Considering the multiplicity of functions, I would probably be tempted to get one. That is, if the watch proves to be reliable and available. No one will know that for sure, until it has been out in the wild for some amount of time.

So, if you’ve been waiting expectantly, like many have been, you only have another few weeks to be patient.  I must say, the Apple Watch looks and hopefully, performs better than I expected that it would.  As near as I can tell, right now, there’s nothing to match it.

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