The Apple Watch was announced yesterday and we now know what Apple thinks what a smartwatch should be like. Some are rejoicing and others aren’t too impressed. Either way, if you are among those who are getting the new watch, you might want to consider protecting the investment with The Bumper. ActionProof has developed a new product to protect the most beautiful smartwatch (not my words).

The Bumper is being crowdfunded by IndieGoGo. The benefit to giving support to this company is that you’ll lock in promotional pricing that you won’t be able to get after the campaign in complete. The idea of this product is neat to me, because after I stepped back and gave it some thought I realized the Apple Watch is quite expensive and I would want to protect it just as much as I do with my phones. All my phones have cases on them. On the other-hand, I have not considered using a case/bumper for my Moto 360 because I don’t really want to cover up the watch’s sleek design. So, who will benefit from having The Bumper?

In my opinion, Apple Watch users who want to use their watch for activities, specifically, the Apple Watch Sport is the ideal fit for The Bumper. I never used the Moto 360 for sports or activities because I didn’t want to mess up the leather band. There are options to change out the band for something like the TYLT Moto 360 Band, but the Apple Watch Sport is made for such activities. The band is not going to get tarnished like the leather band on a 360. Therefore, I would not be afraid to take this out hiking, sporting, or cranking out a workout at the gym. I would feel much more confident the watch would be protected by The Bumper and the plastic bands would help reduce any kind of wear and tear from moisture.

Regardless of what kind of Apple Watch you are getting, this is an idea you might want to consider to help protect the hefty investment of an Apple Watch. Personally, I would not want to use it at all times, other than rigorous activities. But that’s me. The Bumper is a cool idea that keeps the customer in mind and that’s what I like.

What’s your thoughts on this accessory for the Apple Watch? Let me know in the comments. While you’re at it head on over to the official campaign page to check out all the details.

Official Page

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