Anker PU Leather Case for Apple New iPad Mini / iPad Mini 2 – Synthetic-Leather Cover with Holder

Anker’s PU Leather Case for the Apple iPad Mini is one the best looking cases I have used. This case has a professional essence and will make any guy feel like a gentleman. Don’t get me wrong, this case will appeal to women as well, but I can only speak for guys, well, because I am a guy. Regardless, Anker has a done a fantastic job with the design and detail of their PU Leather Synthetic case. The case is attractive yet practical sporting a few extra features.


First impressions are important, but what makes a great case is how it treats you for every day tasks such as simply holding the case and iPad comfortably. That’s where one of the features of this case comes in handy. The back of the case has a fastened hand strap that reminds me of a briefcase handle. Normally I do not prefer to mix browns with blacks, but this case actually looks really sleek with the color combination. As far as the construction of the handle it is stretchable from the hinges holding it down on the base of the case and leaves enough room for large hands or even gloves. Although it leaves enough wiggle room for large hands, if you have smaller hands there is no worry about the case slipping out.

This case also allows multiple viewing angles with the flip cover folding in back for a horizontal position, which is perfect for watching movies, videos, presentations or Facetime calls. One of the more practical functions of the propped flip cover is using it as a alarm clock or desk clock.

Another fun fact about this case is it’s compatible with both the iPad mini and Retina iPad mini. So if you upgraded to the new iPad mini or if you need a case for the 1st gen iPad mini, you can use this case as it will work with both models.


There wasn’t much to complain about with this case. The only piece of criticism I have about the case is that I had to use a little more effort to toggle the silent switch. I have large fingers and I had to use my nail at the right angle to activate the toggle. Other than that, this thing is golden.

If I could sum up one word for this case it would be professional. The case really does give off the vibe of a business person wanting to protect their investment while keeping a low profile, slim, functional design. Whether or not you’re a white color businessman, this is a case everyone can enjoy. Not too mention Anker sells this case for a very affordable price.

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