Anker Color Palette Series Ultra Slim Synthetic leather Case for iPad Mini iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini

Sleek, slim and minimalistic are all words to describe this iPad mini case from Anker. The fresh case made by Anker is one of my new favorites from them because of the professional design and the attributes I just mentioned. The case is made to look professional but function well too!


I’ve reviewed quite a bit of cases in the past and now have a good idea what works and what plain doesn’t do the job. There are a few styles of flip cover cases manufactures use to make their cases. Anker went the non-tri fold/ Apple Smartcover replica route. Instead, this case folds back in a way that props the case up without rolling the flip cover flap as a smartcover does. Check out the video below for a demonstration of how the cover works. But all that isn’t really the point of why I bring up this particular style of choice by Anker.

The reason I bring it up is that they have found a way to make this flip cover function the way it does, without a lot of bulk. As a matter of fact the flip cover folds back very flat and flush with the rest of the case. When the flap is flipped all the way back it appears to look almost like a normal snap-on case made of leather.

The cover also supports the sleep and wake feature, which is one of those small details I appreciate for the iPad’s functionality. It basically cuts out one step for activating the iPad’s screen.

This case is made really well, feels good in the hand and keeps a professional style. There is one bit of constructive criticism I would like to mention though, the cutout for the volume controls are a little bit difficult to access. The back cover overlaps the controls slightly, which creates a bit of an obstacle to get to. Other than that minor complaint, this case rocks! I really like the slim and minimalistic design.

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