One-eye Minions Pattern Protective Case for iPhone 5/5s iPhone 5c

Do we have any Despicable Me fans out there? Who likes those little minions? Happened to have an iPhone? Well you’re in luck! You can get this cool case to show off your fanship of Despicable Me minions!

The case itself is made of a thick silicone and adds quite a bit of cushion for your iPhone. This is actually a neat idea if you have kids and they like the movie. This case will give you plenty of drop protection! The iPhone slips in pretty easy for installation, but I don’t think the phone will fall out. However, there is a lot of play on the sides when moving the sides around. I would prefer the sides to be more of a tighter fit to help reduce the chances of dirt, etc. getting stuck between the phone and case.

The other flaw I noticed is there is not a method to switch the vibrate rocker on and off, leaving you only with the option to remove the case if you would like to toggle the vibrate rocker. The other buttons are easy to press, which is a benefit of a silicone case. Typically silicone helps the button press become an easier effort.

In conclusion, I think this case would simply be a good investment if you only want it for looks and possibly kid drop proof protection. The lack of a vibrate rocker option and the loose sides are a deal breaker for me, as far as a case being a daily driver.

If you like this case and want to pick it up please click HERE

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