Anger, The Hulk and God?

Anger is a God given emotion. There is only one other emotion the Bible talks about that is stronger and that is love. Pretty powerful stuff. Uncontrolled anger is a vicious beast that can leave a messy path of destruction.

I am a huge comics movie fan. The Avengers is one of my all time favorite movies. The Hulk represents the subject of anger. As the movie unfolds The Hulk’s anger is developed and explained. He went without incident for a long time. The Black Widow was sent to retrieve Dr. Banner and her character was kept in humble respect of what The Hulk could do if the beast was uncaged. Iron Man had a discussion with Dr. Banner saying that it was a gift that Dr. Banner survived the gamma accident which should have killed him. Soon after The Hulk erupted and was tearing apart everything in his path because he could not control the anger. As the beast was forming, Black Widow was trying to keep Dr. Banner focused to prevent The Hulk from coming out. Thor and The Hulk battled and during the fight he tried to through The Hulk to Dr. Banner. Neither Black Widow or Thor could get through to Dr. Banner. The aircraft was in shambles and he about killed Black Widow and everyone on board. 

During the epic battle at the end of the movie Dr. Banner revealed the big secret of how he kept The Hulk from exploding. He said “I stay angry.” At the right second of saying that The Hulk busted out and defeated the enemy. It was a turning point in Dr. Banner’s life and the battle. A city was saved, not too mention the invasion to conquer the world. 

The Hulk indeed had a gift. Anger was his power. Power can be used for good and evil. Anger is a fuel. When someone is angry he/she feels charged up! The adrenaline is fierce and convinces anyone they could do anything. It is dangerous if not controlled. 

Kris Vallotton talks about managing your sex drive for your sexual desires. I believe this same concept is relevant for anger. If your sex drive and anger are God given emotion, then He designed them for a purpose. Each are to used for the appropriate time and place. 

Managed anger is something of a beautiful, creative gift from God. Anger can drive someone to pray hard, love hard and work hard. For example, I hate depression. I hate seeing people go through it. I have been there. I do not wish it on anyone. Anger drives me to love people and see people set free from the bondage of depression. When I know someone is going though a hardship like depression my prayer life increases, I want the love of God to break through and I will go out of my way to see them set free. All of which takes hard work. I am angry with the enemy. But the righteous anger drives me to make a difference. It is at these times I believe God uses anger to fuel a life to make a Kingdom impact. 

You could be The Hulk that defeats the enemy and saves a city. Release the beast!

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