Elago Outfit Case for the iPhone 5

The Outfit case is part of the S5 Series by Elago. This is a snap on style of a case that is made of polycarbonate and aluminum. The dual material gives a two tone look which compliments the iPhone 5’s two tone design. Some of the features listed by ElagoStore.com include:

  • Designed to fit your iPhone 5 perfectly
  • Durable hardshell construction / Ultra Slim fit case / Light weight
  • Direct access to all device features
  • HD Professional Extreme Clear film included

What Makes This Case Stand Out From The Rest?

There are tons of snap on cases out for devices, especially iPhone’s. So what makes this case different from the rest? The difference cannot be seen by the naked eye. Elago designs these cases with a special coating that protects against dirt, dust and oils. Because of the special coating, it resists against fingerprint marks leaving the case looking good all the time.

Elago takes their design a step further. The camera ghosting problems posed a problem not only for Apple, but for accessory companies. Apple sets standards for camera cutout designs for case companies and Elago does not ignore the rules. The camera cutout is guaranteed to not leave any traces of a ghosting blemish in photos.

Elago pays attention to detail. The coating and the camera cutout are not the only characteristics Elago instills with their cases. All the cutouts are precise. The cutouts do not interfere with the functionality of the buttons and ports. The overall fit of the case is constructed to fit the iPhone 5 perfectly and assures the iPhone will not fall out. Even though the case is thin, it is made of a durable polycarbonate and aluminum material.

Not every company includes a screen protector with their kits. Elago again goes a step further. They not only include a screen protector, but the screen protector is HD quality. It is not a cheap eBay dollar special. Elago also includes a nice cloth to help prep the screen before installation of the screen protector.


Keeping mind that this is a thin case I do not expect huge impact protection. But this case will still protect against decent drops and spills. Elago has shared testimonies with me that they have had customers drop phones from great distances and the phone was left untouched. The case took a beating, but that’s what cases are designed to do. The only other concern is that the top and bottom are left exposed which gives the possibility of a blemish to happen.

Final Thoughts.

I would recommend this case for anyone looking for a case that is slim, stylish and protective. This case includes a screen protector which helps save you money from buying a new one. Elago pays attention to detail creating a customer satisfaction for your investment.


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