Raise the Roof – Part 4

Failing Forward

We don’t fail or fall over night. It is a gradual process of bad decisions.
Sampson was emotion driven and not Spirit driven.

We learn to live with glass ceilings. Lust, lies, etc.

So what do we do when we fall? How do we bounce back?

Men are driven by accomplishments. Do I have what it takes? Can we conquer?

One of our greatest fears is FAILURE. One of our greatest pains is REGRET.

– A failure is an event never a person.

Judges 16:23-25
This was one of the lowest points in Sampson’s life.

Two responses to failure.
1-Natural response in REMORSE.
2-Can be turned OUTWARD. Blame games. Not my fault. Most of the time where we end up is from our decisions. Can’t be blaming.

The better response is REPENTANCE.
-You own it. It’s your fault. Turn it over to God.
-Was going the wrong direction but turns to the right direction.
-God I don’t want to live without limitations that glass ceilings hold us back to.

-You can’t unsend a text. Just like you can’t unsleep with someone, can’t put words back in your mouth, can’t unlook something.

BUT YOU CAN REPENT IT. Own up to what you did. If my people who are called by my name. He then can bring healing to the land!
If we don’t repent there will not be healing, revival or breakthrough.

God will never bless you when you leave people bleeding in the path.

We want forgiveness but we don’t want repentance.

We are not created to be entertainment for the enemy.

You’re not what you did. You are what He created you to be.

Judges 16:25-28
God strengthen me just one more time. Sampson realized he messed up but wanted to show that he belonged to The Lord. Be what he was created to be. To complete the Lords purpose.

Don’t live in defeat anymore. Repentance stands up for the future. To move forward.

What pillars are you pushing down? Representing the ceilings the limit us. Feel the pillar like Sampson. Feel the hurt. Put your hands on the pillar and push then down!

How are you going to do it? Not enough to just want to do it. How are you? Get counseling? Talk to someone, can you help me? Confess? Do something different.
Proverbs 24:16

It’s easy to die physically.

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