[Daily Review] Day 1 With Galaxy S3

Day one with my Galaxy S3 has been a learning experience thus far. I am coming from the iPhone 4S and the transition is taking a while to get used to. The iPhone was setup to accommodate my life. I was used to how everything worked together with iTunes. In result I had to reconfigure everything with the Android system. So far I prefer the iCloud services that Apple provides. It’s user friendly and once it’s setup, there is little to mess with later on.

Once I had all my accounts and apps configured I could play around with the Galaxy S3. Which is what we all want to do when we get a new phone. I was anxious to discover what this phones hype was all about. Some of the important features that I look for in a phone is fluidity, ease of typing, quality camera and sync programs. Battery life, app quality and one stop shops are on top of the list too. I don’t like the need to run two or more programs to run just one feature or capability. That’s where Apple has a one up on Google in regards to the iTunes setup. I am a big podcast user and I like to have the podcasts synced with my phone. In order to accomplish this task with Android you have to download a separate program to do so. With the Galaxy S3 you must download a file transfer app to have a Mac computer recognize the phone. So I now had to have two programs to just get my podcasts in line. Not to mention I wanted to transfer all my pics over my new phone. So that was a pain in the butt. There are a variety of programs that essentially do the same thing when connecting and transferring data. My biggest issue was I am a Mac user and had to find the right tool to get me tasks done. So minus one to Google and Android with all that mess.

As far as the user experience goes it has been a decent experience. I am going to give it a good weeks time before I pass final judgment on the device. Some of the things that I really like about the phone is the big screen (coming from a 3.5″ screen to a 4.8″ screen is a huge difference), the hd screen, overall feel of the phone, the fluidity, smoothness, quickness and call quality.

Some of the things I do not like so far is the placement of the volume rocker and the power buttons. I have accidently mashed the volume when I attempt to press the power key. The typing has not been as good as the iPhone keyboard. I would have been able to fly through writing this post already if I was using my iPhone 4S. I am using SwiftKey at the moment. The typing will hopefully get better as I get accustomed to the new phone. Another thing that I have notices is the 4G is laggy at times. But Verizon would be the blame for that. It feels like I am being throttled and I was experiencing this with my iPhone too. So could be just the network. One more negative is the ongoing wifi notification in the drop down menu. There is not a way to get rid of this unless the phone is rooted.

Overall I like the phone. Most of my issues should go away with time. But so far I miss the iPhone 4S some and will give a final judgment in a weeks period.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support.

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