5 great company promotion items for marketing your services

Distribution of promotional items is a traditional marketing ploy that is still widely used today. It is often used on new product launchings and in rewarding loyal customers. Any business can make use of promotional items, the challenge is in finding the right item for your marketing campaign. There are a lot of choices out there, from wearable accessories to affordable technological items. There must be a balance between price and benefit, customer appreciation, functionality, and effectiveness in retaining your brand in their psychology. Hence, the selection of promotional items itself has to be strategic.

Here are some of the best company promotional items today that are very popular among people.


Customized Fidget Spinners

The popularity of fidget spinners around the globe is skyrocketing and you can take advantage of this popularity to put your business forward. Fidget spinners are small and very affordable. It is very fitting to businesses catering to young people and maybe a good idea for family- oriented enterprises. Fidget spinners are also highly customizable, you can design your company color and logo on them.

Promotional Power Banks

Power banks are highly popular among many people. Almost everyone is using a smartphone and a power bank is a valuable gadget that’s carried around often. Promotional power banks from iPromo are highly customizable and will surely appeal to your customers. Since they are always carried around, your brand gets incredible retention even to people around.

Journals with Customizable Covers

Journals are making a huge comeback despite the many free journaling apps available today. People are rediscovering the bliss of writing pen on paper and you can take advantage of this for your business promotions. Ideal for any type of customers, journals will make a good promotional item. Their cover is also a huge marketing canvass where you can put your logo and campaign pages. It is very affordable so you can mass produce.

Promotional USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are appealing to anyone, especially for students and tech- savvy young people. Today’s flash drives are also low cost with huge storage space offering, so you can easily give out 16G or 32G drives to your local patrons. They are also highly customizable and may come in various shapes and sizes, which allows you to play with branding and design.

Stainless Steel Bottles

A cool promotional item sure to be loved by millennials, steel bottles are usually used to carry around hot or cold drinks at work, during gym time, outdoor activities, and practically everywhere. This is why it is fitting for any target demographics. The bottle’s body provides ample space for your branding and marketing message, and since they are always carried around, they offer great exposure.

There are lots of items you can use for promotional items, but you need to find the right budget so the expenses would not outweigh the benefits. Be smart about distribution, as well, so they reach the intended market.

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