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5 funny blogs to read this summer

Today, the internet has become the main source of various information. Anyone can easily search for anything, anyone or anyplace on the internet. With that being said, the internet has also become a good source of entertainment via blogs, images, and vlogs. If you are looking for a good laugh, then these 5 funny blogs will surely make your day.

funny blogs

Parental Parody

If you love to laugh at parental jokes, then you must definitely visit this blog. You will surely relate to the awkward and absurd things that parents do for their spouses, children, friends and other people. From the name itself, the blog focuses on making fun or turning serious parental efforts into laughing topics that will surely get you cracking in your knees. While being a parent is not an easy task nor is it a joke, this blog will surely make you realize a number of efforts parents give into maintaining their social images – from the feeling dominant husband turned wife dependent to wives dealing with their immature husbands. If you read this blog, you might realize that parenting might not be as boring or stressful as it may seem.

Awkward Family Photos

Who among us haven’t had that very awkward but funny and memorable experiences with our families? From the trying hard wacky family photos to candid unreasonable photos – all of these are in the blog started by childhood friends Mike and Doug. Get ready to relive those embarrassing moments you had with your families, although, on the bright side, it turns out that it isn’t just you who had those awkward experiences.

The Lazy Travelers

Created by best friends, Ashley and Carolyn, the lazy travelers will take readers on their travels around the world in search of love, wine, clothes and a mixture of everything. Relive their experiences as their writing will make you feel that you are there with them. You can also learn a lot from their insights and guides about women and how they can be very spontaneous and illogical sometimes. Surely though, if you are a traveler, you will surely learn a lot from this blog aside from the funny stories and encounters.

Pleated Jeans

Pleated Jeans is blog is an “informative” blog that seems to attack the readers in the opposite way. Its take on how to’s on different things are actually how not to do it. And of course, all of them are written with incredible wit and humor that will surely make you roll down on the floor laughing. And by the way, the author’s how not to’s are actually very useful and informative in their own right, unless you want to cause miserable failures and embarrassing moments for yourselves, then, by all means, avoid doing the blog’s various how to’s. Headed by the famous Jeff Wyaski, whose various works have been featured in the Time Magazine, Forbes Online, Huffington Post and other famous print.

Why the lucky stiff

Why the lucky stiff is a funny story about a man’s journey on taking on life’s challenges. The author was inspired to finally take control of his life, family, kids, dogs, and cats after visiting a funeral for a high school friend who was deemed lucky by their peers as he now is free from the pressure and challenges of life. Enjoy his witty and funny approach to dealing with lying employees and wives who don’t want facial hair.

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