5 of the best tablets for the Holidays you and your family will love (holidays edition 2014)

Christmas is just around the corner, tech savvy friends and family like myself are looking forward to receiving electronic gadgets as stocking stuffers in this new digital age we live in. laptops, notebooks, ultra books, Chromebooks, and large 5 to 6 inch smart phones are the now norm for mobile computing. Tablets, the middle ground starting with screen sizes above your everyday smart phone and same size or slightly smaller to the common laptop. In this post/guide I will share with you 5 of the best tablets for the holidays (no particular order) you and your family will love (holidays edition 2014).

design-kindle-hdxAmazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 (Android, highly skinned OS) links for history, video review

Originally released in middle October 18, 2013 priced at $179.00 to date, geared towards the everyday media consumption consumer. Bringing us an ala carte of media across the board like music, movies, and apps from the dedicated Amazon.com website! Becoming a Amazon Prime subscriber you will have access to exclusive discounts, stream music /movies, and the all new cool feature “Mayday” for live product assisted support. When in distress just click the help icon and all of your problems will be resolved with live support! Cloud storage and having a 7″ HD display for everyday media consumption will be greatly enjoyed. This product is great for you and your family in mind to have endless media content.

Purchase Link (mind you that Amazon is always putting their stuff up for nice sales/discounts) 

ipad_mini_3  Apple iPad mini 3 (Apple/ iOS) links for history, video review

Released October 22, 2014 as the best tablet you can buy. Starting at a whopping price tag $399.00 for the lower end of its spectrum. Display, build quality, thinnest, and Touch ID are the major selling points. Adding the ability to unlock your device with just a finger press or use Apple pay for personal payment services. This fun and easy to use tablet is well supported by developers, the newest apps will be available to you ASAP. If you are under the Apple ecosystem life will be good, but if not you will need time and money to make that adjustment. Kids and grandparents will love to have their hands on this striking product so parents beware.

Purchase Link

Nexus 9  Google Nexus 9 (Android, stock OS) links for history, video review

HTC’s second and newest attempt to the Nexus line from Google. Released November 3, 2014 for consumers, but with developers in mind. Price starting at $399.00, sporting a 8.9″ HD display and toting a 64bit powerhouse processor. Stock OS of Android plus front facing stereo speakers are the highlight of this device. Bringing us the first hand-on experience with material design, sleek animations, offline YouTube support, and much more. This device is great for your technical enthusiastic kids eager to broaden their range plus add everyday ease of use with Google in mind. Mom and Dad grow up LOL.

Purchase Link (mind you that the Nexus 9 goes on sale frequently to save about $50!)

nvidia_shield_tablet_wifi  Nvidia Shield Tablet (Android OS, minimal skinned OS) links for history, video review

Nvidia is dedicated to the gamers in-heart, this product hit the shelves in US/CAN July 29, 2014 for $299.00. Taking on entities like Xbox, PlayStation, and PC’s in general. Offering casual mobile gaming, high end gaming, and Nvidia grid gaming support. With your supported Nvidia graphics card in side of your PC, the grid allows you and your kids high end gaming support over mobile devices. Adding a Xbox like remote made by Nvidia for $59.99 enables full controls for an additional console gaming experience. Yes kids, Christmas, Nvidia Shield tablet, enough said moving on!

Purchase Link

Surface-Pro-3  Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Microsoft Windows x86 OS) links for history, video review

If productivity and everyday use is the highlight for your decision, you can’t go wrong here! $799.00 is the starting price but keep in mind you get a two in one device. Laptop and tablet plus a full fledged OS bringing everything you have and more. Full office application support, familiar platform (outside of modern UI), and the Windows store. The optional Type Cover/keyboard sold separately for $129.99 can be purchased for the Laptop experience. For me this is a man product that I need, no shame in that. I recommend you get this for yourself or the loving husband/Dad you have in your life.

Purchase Link


Each device have great options, live customer support, fingerprint identification, front facing stereo speakers, high end gaming, and productivity for everyday use. You can’t go wrong either way, but in the end you and your family lifestyle play the major role in your decision-making. I hope this post/guide helps you all and have a great holiday.

Specs for 2014 tablets
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