elago iD1 USB ID Card Holder – 8GB USB Flash Drive

One of the more common workplace accessories used is a lanyard or name tag. Elago has made another practical accessory to compliment your workplace. The iD1 USB ID Card Holder is a unique lanyard that also allows you to carry a memory stick. The flash drive is what really sets this card holder from the rest.

Just as soon as you think Elago has made all the complimentary business accessories to add to your professional collection of techie products, they make another one.


This card holder works rather simple. There is a slot for an ID card, comes with a neck lanyard and has a built in slot for a USB flash drive. The flash drive is not included with the iD1 but is available for a reasonable price.

Everything is done by computer, USB and memory cards these days (well, cloud storage is becoming more popular). But this is a great option to have in the business world and creates an opportunity for ease of access for files, graphics and presentations. School teachers could take advantage of this product as well by being able to have all files handy no matter what room they are teaching from. Students have the chance to use this too by keeping their schoolwork on the iD1, using it at computer labs or taking files to be printed at your local print shop.

There are many benefits for having a ID holder with flash drive space for many people in many industries. Simply make the iD1 work for you.

If you like the iD1 get it HERE

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