30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 23 – True Fans

Today the Gator Nation took a hit/loss that did not feel so great. We lost to Georgia Southern. Something that hasn’t happened in over 100 years of Gator football. This is year has not been a good one at all. The team is riddled with injuries, we have a hard time holding onto coaches and it seems to be one thing after another.

This post isn’t about listing off excuses of why the Gators are having a bad season, but to step back and look at the fans. Now every team has the good ones and the bad ones. But it is very interesting to observe the reactions of the fans after wins and losses. Some true colors start to comes out and people air out their emotions like nobody is watching (but knowing people are watching).

With that said I am thankful for the fans that “stick together in all kinds of weather.”

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