Friend Spotlight: Author Brian Barber

Brian has been around since the start of Bane Tech as one of the continued supporting techies. Brian and I have actually known each other before our tech endeavours.

Brian had a dream a while back and it formed a book series called “LYCCYX” a sci-fi adventure discovering what humans would do is resources on earth were deprived. The story comes through the perspective of a soldier who is on a journey to find himself, an answer for earth’s problems and means to save a severed friendship.

Brian has also published some short stories and audio books to accompany his collection of works. These stories are made to be read in one sitting and should entertain most readers. If you have not already head over to his website and Amazon profile to take a look at his work, download it and enjoy!

Tell Brian, Bane sent you and you will want to follow him on the social networks as he shares some cool promotions on a regular basis.


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